Night Tour in Alcatrz

FTPDJ : “Frequently Told Post Dinner Jokes”, Every friend group has their own collection of these to be told to the newbies in the group/guests in the party. In my circle, FTPDJs are mainly events of our life where we messed up & made some supposedly strange(if its me) or stupid(if its others) decision. Now the one associated with me was first time I cancelled my SFO trip just because I did not get ticket for the night tour of Alcatraz. Everyone found this very funny/strange to cancel the vibrant bay area trip (having so much to offer) just for non availability of a tour to an abundant prison on a specific time(the day cruises were available). At last I have managed to do that trip last month and I can surely now say with a louder tone that if you want to visit the place, do the night trip, Reasons:

1. You will go there around 6-6:30 which is just before the golden hour in terms of lighting(Golden Hour is the time around sunrise/sunset when you get the best dynamic natural light)

2. You can get one of the best view of the sunset over city skyline from an unusual angle.

3. Last but most important… its a creepy place & gets creepier in dark. The audio used in the self guided tour was recorded by the actual convicts & prison guards, and the way it is designed is top notch. All these elements makes the tour to be remembered for a long time.



Induction Room



C Block



D Block: “Treatment block” for the worst & most notorious inmates, with varying degrees of punishment, including Isolation, Solitary etc



The cells

DSC_3569 DSC_3571

The chiselled cell air vent & the utility corridor from where Frank Morris made his infamous escape attempt with John & Calrence Anglin.

DSC_3632 DSC_3646Hospital Unit where Al Capone spent a long time in his tenure

DSC_3658 DSC_3664 DSC_3667





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