Vibrant San Francisco

This blog about my San Francisco trip on memorial day weekend has been long pending. Its been more than a month when I started writing about this trip and then just got busy in other things. So I thought of making this a quick photo blog with some of the pictures taken in the trip.

We started exploring the city with ever colorful Chinatown. I have been to many China-towns including the one in New York but SFO downtown is the most beautiful, clean(comparably) & well maintained one.

Filmy Trivia: Bruce Lee was born here & spent his early days of struggle when he came back from Hong Kong at the age of 18.

DSC_3290_1_2 DSC_3350_1_2 DSC_3381_2_3 DSC_3393Our next stop was Crooked Lombard Street. Its the famous street with 8 hairpin turns.  You might have seen this street in car chases in many films & video games


View from top of the Lomabrd street


For exploring the signature of the city, Golden Gate bridge we went to Sausalito island through ferry and then came back walking crossing the bridge.

Ferry Building


Mahatma Gandhi statue facing the Oakland bay Bridge


Golden gate bridge

DSC_3922 DSC_3946

Bay Bridge at night


CityScape from Twin Peaks


Painted Ladies & the cityscape



a) Photos are not in exact sequence of the order of the places visited

 b) For the full album and full size higher resolution photos please check out


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