Day 5 part I : Flying over Jurassic Park

There are few movie moments which stay with you. It can be because of  an emotional connect  ,a powerful performance ,a connection to some personal incident or sometimes just for no apparent reason, it just gets into you. When I think of Jurassic park the first image comes to my mind is the panoramic helicopter landing shot in the fictional island ‘Isla Nublar‘. As I came to know later this fictional island was actually filmed in Kauai, one of the “must do” of the trip was to relive that experience first hand.

The waterfall featured in that famous scene is “Manawaiopuna Falls”, now known as “Jurassic park falls”(surprise!). It can only be seen from helicopter as it is located in a private property. So this was the initial motivation of searching for a Helicopter tour. There is only one company in the entire island who runs a “doors off” helicopter tour so there wasn’t much confusion about which tour to book. The name of the company is Jack Harter Helicopters(

This is an absolutely must have experience you cant afford to miss.After the take off it took me first 2 minutes of self convincing that they do it every day, so there is no chance of falling off 🙂 . But after that it was so majestic & stunning I just let some of the shots to describe what we experienced.


DSC_1979 DSC_2018

DSC_1572 DSC_1616 IMG_0129 DSC_1823 DSC_1755

P.S: The front desk lady in Helicopter tour office(Note I am not using the word ‘receptionist’) was the only person we met in the entire trip who didn’t believe smiling as a greeting gesture(even after our tour got canceled in the morning and  it got rescheduled after two hours!). But the pilot & rest of the crew were very professional, knowledgeable,friendly & warm.

Note: For the full album and full size higher resolution photos please check out

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