Day 4: Mahalo Big island, Aloha Cinematic Kauai

Do you remember the massive lush green beautiful landscape of ” Jurassic park” or the charming tropical scenery in “The Descendants” or the rugged coast in 1976 “King Kong”, that was our next destination after Big island, a small, picturesque and literally cinematic island,Kauai. More than 50 films were shot in this amazingly beautiful island since 1933(

Time for some History & Geography trivia:(Skip to the next paragraph if you feel like 🙂 )

Kauai , also known as ‘The Garden Island‘ is much smaller in size compared to Big island. It has a rich history being the oldest Hawaiian island. In 1778, British explorer Captain James Cook landed in Kauai’s Waimea Bay for the first time. Cook’s discovery of what he called the “Sandwich Isles,” named after the Earl of Sandwich, introduced Hawaii to the world.

After the hectic adventurous Day 3 in Big island, it gave us immense joy and relaxation when we found it takes around 45 minutes to cover one corner of the island to other(e,g east to North, east to South etc.) The occasional showers & overcast weather we got in Hilo liked us so much it came with us here as well. But now we have the time to drive to a place, roam around as much as we want to or just sit and kill time, wait for that “precious 10 minutes” between two showers to get a decent shot…So we changed the “adventure shoes” to “vacation flip flops” as soon as we landed & got accustomed with the happy & slow pace of the place. It was such a welcome break

We picked our hotel in the eastern town of the island “Kapaa”, as it is full of vibrant shops, fun eateries, amazing restaurants. After a great lunch and some mai tai, we covered the northern part of Kauai that day, primarily Halanalie Pier, Halanalie Overlook, Kailua Lighthouse.

Exploring the best of Hawaiian food & drink was one of the primary item in our “to do” list and Kauai is known for celebrating Hawaiian cuisine , so we started with the best restaurant of the island (according to almost all the food magazine/forum) Hukilau Lanai. From the service to food, I can only say it is not an exaggeration. A little pricey, but strongly recommended.

Some photos of day 1 of Kauai trip, A lot more to come..Stay connected

Hanalie Overlook



Hanalie Pier

DSC_1077 DSC_1109

Kileua lighthouse



Note: For the full album and full size higher resolution photos please check out

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