Day 2 Part 1: The Amazing World Under the Sea

I like Ringo Starr..

If I remember correctly Kurt Cobain once said in one of his interview that he fancied the anonymity Ringo enjoyed being part of the most popular band in history.But what I feel very interesting is he was very secure, comfortable with this “happy guy sitting in the back with his drums” status and never showed any desperation to be the center stage guy. Yes, I remember this meant to be a travel blog not a Beatles personality analysis(which has been done million times before), but the point is Ringo is a uniquely happy, simple and charming guy and this reflects in his music. Octopus’s garden is one such song, it just makes me happy whenever I listen to it and when I think of the highlight activity of our day 2 this is the song which came to my mind..

Well it was snorkeling for us for the first time

As I am just a decent “pool swimmer”(never seen a water depth more than 10 ft)  and my wife is a beginner, we were very clear that swimming was not our strongest quality and cancelled Manta ray night snorkeling :-(. Next step was to find a perfect host for our first time snorkeling adventure. So we zeroed on  a snorkeling tour called Fair Wind II(Morning Snorkel Cruise & BBQ)( They took us to Kealakekua Bay which is a gorgeous clam place with crustal like water full of magically vibrant corals & colored fishes. The only way to experience snorkeling is to do it so without much description I can only say it was a surreal & peaceful un-parallel experience to meet the amazing world under the sea. The cruise crew were very professional, friendly and fun people (and they make real nice burgers). They serve breakfast in the morning on the way to Kealakekua Bay and drinks on the way back. It was an awesome & magical experience

Night Snorkeling & Scuba….Now in To Do List!!

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