We had a real long winter this time in Chicago; it was gloomy, depressing and brutally cold for a real long time. Well, this blog is not about Chicago Winter..

Its been a super busy time for me & my wife for last few months because of my job & her school. Last time we had proper trip was on April 2013. After that there were some weekend gateways but we did not manage any proper vacation. Well, this blog is not about our domestic time management stories either..

But all of these resulted a very strong feeling of desperation to go out again in the sun, to go for a long long drive together through long and windy roads, to explore new places, to taste new food, to challenge the body and mind to do something new and crazy, to meet new people..basically to get the fuel for another long span of BAU(business as usual)

So when we at last managed 7 days of holiday ,our first choice was Hawaii. After a lot of research, going though endless internet discussion forums in Tripadvisor, we settled for two islands, Big Island for 3 days & Kauai for 2.5 days. We just got back from this trip last night and it’s been such an amazing amazing experience! We got back with great memories to be cherished for a long time along with a lot of photos (it will be a Herculean task to sort & processes them!). In this travel memoir I will try to cover our journey day by day with a description of where we stayed, things we did with a little reviews of them from our perspective. Stay tuned!

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